Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

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I was the same exact weight in each pic!! 140 lbs!!! The pic on the left was me!! For a very long time! ? I was always bloated and swollen. I was addicted to sugar and Dr. Pepper! I made Starbucks trips daily! I worked out ALL the time!!!!! And was “trying” to be healthy!!! But what I was doing wasn’t cutting it!!! When you constantly feed your body with junk, sugar and have an unhealthy gut, no two hour workout daily will fix your health!!!!

Six years ago I was introduced to Plexus and our amazing pink drink!! HALLELUJAH!!! ?? When I tell you guys that our supplements reduce inflammation, reduce bloating, help with sugar cravings, help with sleep, energy levels, and the list goes on and on I mean it!!!! Now do you believe me?!?! This is PROOF!!!!! I was in SHOCK looking back at pics of me!!! I didn’t realize how awful I looked, but OMG! SOOO thankful I did something about it!!!! 6 years!!!!! Six years on Plexus and I will take it forever!! Our supplements are the best of the best and it shows!!!! If you really want to feel good, don’t take Plexus here and there, be consistent!!! Take it daily and you will see lasting results!!!! You can’t take something here and there and expect it to work!!!! And amazing results DO NOT happen overnight!!!!!! Consistency is KEY!!!!!!

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