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Reflective Moments

I seriously want some chocolate!  I am feeling a little irritable today and my go-to comfort food is… chocolate!

My dilemma is not that there is none available.  I have plenty.  I have snack sized bars and cookie dough and cake and pudding and ingredients to make all sorts of delights from scratch… no, the problem is… my GRIEVANCE is… it no longer tastes good!

The first to go was my favorite chocolate peanut butter cups… why did it have to be my favorite?  They started tasting metallic.  I quit eating any chocolate wrapped in foil for that reason many years ago.  But, these are not wrapped in foil and still taste metallic.  I thought my stash was getting old, so I bought a fresh bag.  Metallic.  Grr.

My youngest and I decided to get a treat the last time we were in Sioux Falls.  We went to a famous fast food place because I had never had a chance to go there and had wanted to for nearly a year.  I ordered their peanut butter cup ice cream option.  I soooo wanted to enjoy it!  I went ahead and ate it, thinking that surely it would get better… ha!  The candy tasted waaaay stale and the ice cream seemed to sit in my stomach just to remind me what a poor choice I had made. 

My made-from-scratch chocolate cake was next in line…  the recipe that I worked MONTHS on to perfect!  The treat that has become a tradition for Bob and I to enjoy together on a weekly basis for the past two years… my scrumptious chocolate cake tastes… flat.  Bob says it is still delicious, so I know it is my taste buds that have changed and I blame PLEXUS!

Any my chocolate chip cookies? Tastes like gooey burnt sugar.  I used to LOVE them!

It’s not just chocolate either… Bob and I have been having cinnamon rolls every weekend for a year or so.  It’s our thing.  Now, they taste like frosted doughy cardboard.  I can hardly believe it.

I really should be excited about these changes… I mean, I AM trying to lose weight and if the food that hinders my progress no longer tastes good, then it is easier not to eat it!  Right?