60 Day Trim Up: David

A few simple words came to David's mind when asked how the best way to lose weight was – he mentions consistency, dedication, and hard work. And, by making the small, manageable changes to his diet with his Plexus® products, he was happy to find something worked! Keep at it David!* 

Weight loss was a mystery I tried to solve for 12 years. I tried every diet, drink, and exercise plan. And “surprise, surprise” they didn't work. As I was getting older, I knew I had to do something. I wasn't sure Plexus would be different than anything else, but I started it anyway.

The difference I felt with these products was incredible. I finally found something that really worked! Because of my new lifestyle, my energy has improved, and I was able to stick to healthier food portions. I wasn't sure if I could stick to any big, drastic changes, so I decided to make simple, smarter choices instead. I spent a little more time on the treadmill, and used the challenge prizes as my motivation. 

I lost 36 pounds over 60 days! I've never had those kinds of results before. It's amazing how much confidence I have now. People notice I've lost weight! I get compliments on how good I look, and I'm even having to buy new clothes since my old ones are way too big. And, it's all because of the addition of Plexus, and the small changes I made to my diet. ◊* 

Now I'm training for my first half marathon. Instead of cheering from the sidelines, I'll be the one people are cheering for. I couldn't be happier about what this weight loss has done for me.