Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

THIS ?????

“Rachel Etheridge-Biesinger @momof3asdboys is a single mom raising THREE sons with mental illness. Two years ago all the boys were being managed by psychiatrists and taking psychotropic prescription medication but were still having seriously disruptive behavior and were unable to cope in school.

What would you have done in her situation? Can you imagine how she must have felt?

For two years a friend had been insistently trying to persuade her to use the gut-health-improving Plexus supplements.

She was at her wits end in November 2017! She took action!

While the psychiatrists observed approvingly, the boys behavior improved proportionately to their improved gut health. What?!?!

Within a few months and under the observation of their psychiatrists, all the boys were weaned off their psychiatric drugs. Dear Reader, do you understand fully the significance of decreasing and eventually stopping psychiatric meds? This is no small feat!

Months have passed now, and they have fewer meltdowns, better behavior, attend school….and are rejoicing in a changed life free from serious drug side effects.

Gut health is paramount! Anxiety, moodiness, inability to focus, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, irrational anger, depression, and panic attacks are influenced by the health of one’s gut.

How truly amazing is this story about three boys! Gut health is TOTALLY underestimated by most! Don’t be one of those people!” — with Rachel Etheridge.

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