Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

Plexus' 2 in 1 children's supplement is helping many families so I certainly want to share this with you.

“Hattie normally would poop 1 time a week!!
She hated it and it was such a struggle! We would try different foods and less of foods to see and it was the same.
[We started] Xfactor kids … and within a week there was a change.
She has gone ? four days in a row!!!!!!! She hasn't done this since she was a baby!
The multivitamin for kids has a great probiotic blend in it and we are seeing a difference in our toddler!!”

Our kids can only truly benefit from a vitamin that is not loaded with sugar and fillers, and they too need a good healthy balance of bacteria in their tummies to help their systems function properly. XFactor Kids is on it

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