Brianne shares | Financial Freedom

Brianne’s health and finances are forever changed. This also illustrates how inexpensive true health is and how expensive NOT investing in your health really is!

“I adulted today, and met with my tax guy.

I learned that I need to not just shove all the receipts into a pile in a drawer and wait until it’s almost April to go through it. 📦 But guys. $501.😭Out of all the numbers today, that’s what is blowing my mind. We don’t have “insurance.” We pay into a Christian organization as a share, so everything is out of pocket.

After years, and years, of more co-pays than I can recall, always flying by our deductible, and medical papers and receipts tracking my RA, my injections, Rylee’s allergy testing and medication filling up countless files…$501 were our medical costs in 2018. And it was for me. For my thyroid blood panel to show that I could get off my medication, because my numbers went from extreme, to normal.

My tax guy affirmed that my $40 investment each year, is well, well worth it. But this… this is the face of a mom that is insanely glad I took the three minutes to click a button and order something that changed our life. And the smile because I know that someone who is getting that same $40 investment For FREE right now, is going to have a killer success story”