Cassie shares | Healthy Gut

Love what Cassie Raney has to say!

“I was a mom of 6 kids strung out on coffee all day- staying in my pajamas most days because I knew that afternoon nap was coming! Somewhere over the years I had lost myself. I gave everything I had to everyone else-only to see my health gone. I developed some severe health problems where my body was essentially attacking itself. My hair was falling out in huge clumps, I was constantly shivering cold in the Texas heat, exhausted to the point where the simplest tasks were too much, and the weight wouldn't budge no matter what. We tried nutritional and holistic approaches, but finally was put on prescription meds. After a few years of seeing very minimal changes I decided to throw it out and look in to this crazy Plexus stuff.

Y'all… no lie. It has been the missing KEY for my health.

💙no more seasonal moodiness/sadness💙18 pounds of weight is gone💙healthy hair growth💙body temperature is normal💙sugar & junk food cravings are GONE!💙all day sustained energy💙no more naps💙coffee doesn't rule my life💙back and joints don't hurt anymore💙food intolerances have disappeared 💙sleep like a baby

These are just a few reasons why I'm so passionate about sharing Plexus with everyone I know. My body was deficient and in desperate need of supplementation. I am so thankful for Plexus giving me my life back! My children get the mommy they need! Forever grateful!”