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Hillary shares ~

“I have not wanted to share this because of 1) my pride and 2) I didn’t think there would be that much difference for some reason but a picture speaks a thousand words right? These were taken about 3 months apart and would you believe there is only a 7lb difference in the photos? Hello, inflammation! Yes, I had just had a baby somewhat recently. But after a certain amount of time it’s really just considered weight, am I right or am I right?!

So do my favorite supplements help with weightloss? They sure can (if taken correctly) but they honestly address SO much more. Less inflammation, balanced blood sugars and hormones, more energy, less cravings for junk… it’s about getting you healthy from the inside out!

I have consistently been using TriPlex & XFactor+ for the last year. Only within the last month (before these pictures were even taken) did I add in our meal replacement shake Lean and MetaBurn- and let me tell you THIS is where the magic happens! I’m already down an additional pound after only 4 days!

Does this replace healthy eating and exercise? Of course not. These are TOOLS to be used WITH healthy eating and exercise.”

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