Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

Her son had eczema for nearly his whole life, but just 2 weeks on XFactor Kids his eczema cleared up!! They tried everything. Creams, lotions, special clothes, wrapping, steroids, trips to the dermatologist and the most expensive probiotics on the market.

A little science behind WHY it works! I learned that eczema is a gut related issue! Plexus probiotics target ? candida overgrowth.

Many of the probiotics on the market (especially refrigerated) activate upon contact with heat and moisture, meaning the strains begin activating at the very start of the digestive process when they first enter your mouth and many do not survive the stomach acid to even make it to your gut!

So glad her toddler is on the best stuff and is living a happy healthy life now! No more pain, no more scratching, no more tears! Plexus has done too much for us not to share our results!

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