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⭐️ Doctor’s Report – “Boring”

Hope Baker Kilstrom shares,

“Boring.” – That’s what the Doctor called me today. 😲 A little surprised – I asked “What?” – and He says – “You’re almost 45 – and you’re only on 1 medicine now. I said “I’ll take ‘Boring’ any day!!!!”

This morning as I drove to Raleigh for some health testing – I couldn’t help but reflect on the years of Doctor’s appointments, medicines, specialist visit, bills – getting so close to some Doctors that they felt like family. We’ve been so blessed with great care in Charlotte and in eastern NC.

I used to literally cry and beg the Doctors to take more detailed blood work or find something else wrong with me because I felt so bad and the prescriptions I was on didn’t seem to work and had so many side affects. I was miserable. I hurt so bad. Those of you who know my story know how very low I got. So thankful that God had another chapter! Every day is such a precious gift.

So – today I am thankful to be “Boring”!!! – one of the most encouraging compliments I’ve ever received! 💗