Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

I just love how this stuff changes lives…listen to Rebecca's story ???

“People may say I’ve changed… 
I am not apologizing. 

It’s been a little over 4 years now and I look back at my picture I took before I began this journey and thank God I said yes to this opportunity.

✔️weight loss
✔️ less inflammation
✔️ less sugar cravings
✔️ no more naps needed 
✔️ restful sleep at night 
✔️ better overall mood
✔️ healthier hair and nails 
✔️ no more monthly headaches 
✔️ healthier family too 

Even before I noticed all of that ^^ I took the opportunity to: 

Be consistent with supplements that were more than just vitamins…they were supplements with a STORY! 

Friends cheered me on and celebrated all of my my successes along the way.

Join for the cheapest wholesale price even tho I didn’t know how I would pay for it next month. 

I was shown a simple system of how to share with out selling and earned enough $$ to pay for my products that first month!

I joined without asking my husband. I just did it. He began thanking me for my decision early on and ever since. 

If your spouse can trust you shopping at Target on stuff you don’t need he can trust your decision to improve your health shopping on a Plexus website.

I decided I would share my story and others because I knew people were struggling with both the things I struggled with … health and finances. 

It’s not selling. It’s sharing something that’s too good not too. We just happen to get rewarded generously for sharing.

Friends there is so much HOPE ♥️for you!! 

So many of my friends and family have been blessed health wise and money wise by joining me … it’s a GOOD feeling being a difference maker.

Maybe you are already taking Plexus… getting it from me or someone else?Let me simply encourage you NOT to keep it a secret. This can be so much bigger that what Plexus can do for you…. who do you know who is struggling? What if God is just waiting to use you to be someone else’s answer to prayer?”

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