Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

Another family completely changed for the better!!! This police officer gets to stay at home with his wife and babies because of Plexus!!!

This is what Chris had to say:

“So I had a lot of mixed emotions today I'll admit. I worked my last shift at Speedway PD on Saturday, but today was my official last day! The day I loaded up all of my equipment into my patrol car to go turn it all in and officially walk away. Very unfamiliar feeling as I have had a patrol car for the last 11 yrs! It was strange looking at my uniform hanging in the closet knowing I'll never wear it again. While I won't miss the paperwork, the stress, and countless hours away from my family. I will miss my brothers and sisters. I'd be lying to say there weren't a lot of tears when I logged off duty for the final time as a Speedway Officer. My shift partners and I faced countless life threatening situations together! We fought, sweated, froze, and bled together! We apprehended countless criminals! Some who cooperated and some who violently resisted. We put our lives on the line responding, chasing on foot, pursuing in vehicles, fighting suspects, and placing ourselves in harms way to make sure the innocent were safe! Many situations I was terrified that I wouldn't walk away from! Some situations it didn't dawn on me until later just how close of a call it was! But I am able to walk away completely healthy and optimistic about my family's future! I'll never forget those who had my back out there and gave me the best chance to make it home to my family!

Now onto the next chapter! I'm beyond excited to just be with my beautiful family! My wife and kids will not miss me being around for any moment now! Plus I have the privilege to work our Plexus business more! That's very exciting to me! I've helped people while on patrol for 11 yrs and now I have a chance to continue to help people take control of their health, and finances! And what's more important than your health?!? Maybe even lead another loving parent to the place where they can do just as I've done and come home to their family! So rather than focus on how hard it was to walk away from my family in blue, I choose to focus on what I'm gaining instead! Time with my wife and kids is truly priceless! And our Plexus business will continue to take us places that my police career never could!!! God has got this, and I'm truly excited to see what comes next!!!”

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