Jeremiah’s Mom shares | Financial Freedom

“A little over two years ago my son and I were diagnosed with Lyme disease. We were going to a doctor getting IVs in our arm five days a week. We were on hormones, vitamins, supplements, prescriptions, and many other things. Within a few months, we spent over $90,000 and had gotten a lot sicker. I had heart issues and they were talking about a liver transplant. I had the immune system of an AIDS patient. Jeremiah my nine-year-old son couldn't play like normal boys. He was weak and sickly. After some research, I decided to stop treatment and I found another doctor to keep an eye on me. I did a lot of research.

A friend told us about Plexus. We really had no idea what we had in our hands. I knew that everything we were doing was not working. So I went Plexus crazy!! The plexus products are made with so many herbs, enzymes, and probiotics!

I ate healthily, took herbs, but the one thing I did differently was plexus. I'm not saying it healed me, but my life changed with Plexus. I went from being so sick that I couldn't walk from the bed to the bathroom some days… Now a year and a half later Jeremiah and I are thriving!!! We're traveling!! We're enjoying life!! We are alive!!! We're not just surviving — we are thriving!!!! On top of getting healthy and our family getting us back… Plexus also paid off our $90,000 of debt. This year we've been able to give more to others than we ever have in our whole lives. The stories of people getting healthy like us have been overwhelming! God has been so good! I am so thankful that our friends told us about Plexus.

Blood sugar balance, gut health, and taking inflammation down are the center of core health!! Plexus is the biggest piece of the help puzzle I have ever found! I love Plexus!!!”