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Do you or someone you know have issues with Acid reflux or Barretts esophagus? This testimony is for you!

“For over 25 years my sweet mama has suffered with ACID REFLUX due in part to a HIATAL HERNIA. For all those years she has taken the “purple pill”, gotten a special bed, drank aloe juice, etc. and although it helped alleviate the symptoms it never got rid of either issue. About 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with pre-cancerous BARRETT'S ESOPHAGUS, which is NOT a good thing. This same condition caused cancer in her father who passed away due to infection that occurred after surgery to remove the cancer. Needless to say this diagnosis has been a scary thing for her. Each year when tested she was told it was either worse or a little better, but never gone. Six months ago, the doctor again showed concern over the Barrett's. I encouraged her to add the PLEXUS X-FACTOR to the products she was already taking. (Plexus Slim, Probio5, & BioCleanse) Plexus X-FACTOR has a patented aloe blend unlike anything on the market. This Monday, March 9th she had a 6 month check up with scope…..doctors report “NO BARRETTS” !!!!!!!!! Folks this is the first time in 12 years with no Barrett's and we owe it all to 1st-GOD ALMIGHTY and 2nd- PLEXUS X-FACTOR ( i.e a GOD thing) “

~JoHanna Bonvillain