Katie shares | Financial Freedom

Katie’s story. ❤️ I love the last paragraph so much.

“When I started the pink drink and probiotic I really just needed to feel better as a mum of 6 little ones. But we were worried about money constantly, living on love and bean soup, I was always looking for ways to bring more money in, to take any strain off Oresti! He works incredibly hard every day. ❤️❤️

So, to stay on these health supplements (that I NEEDED) I had to get them paid for, even though I was kinda anti social media, quiet, busy with life, and had very few friends. 😂

Well, the crazy thing is, when you find something that not only WORKS but actually changes sooo many awful areas of your life and then changes the health of your husband, kids and others you know….. it’s actually quite easy to tell others! 😍

And what went from just wanting our products for free, turned into paying for our mortgage plus chipping away at debt each month.❤️

I only share this because I know we can’t be the only ones with financial issues and worrying about income. What if this could be the answer for you too? 

This company has the best community of people who love to see each other succeed and help each other out. ❤️ I think the friendships have been the biggest blessing! 

Business does not have to look like suits and sitting at a desk. Sometimes it’s crazy cow and chicken ladies, homeschooling 7 kids and earning on the side 🌻”