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Sharing from Emerald ambassador Brianna Coolidge: Life isn't all rainbows ?.

When we found out we were pregnant with Colton we were shocked. After miscarriages, clinics, giving myself shots through my pregnancy with Brookers, a surprise was crazy. To add to it, I had just resigned from teaching a week prior to stay home with the girls because of Rylee's alllergy severity. No replacement income, and no insurance. 

When Colt was born he had some testing done and spent time in the NICU. We were completely blessed to come home with our little man. We also came home with $12,000 in medical bills. 

When Brooker spent time in the hospital for an undiagnosed respiratory virus, we again happily came home a few days later with a healthy little girl, but also $6,000 in bills. 

A few years ago when we started having Rylee's teeth looked at we knew it was going to be thousands of dollars. We don't carry dental insurance. We were the 85% of Americans living pay check to pay check. 

I spend all day talking about physical health. But as a country we just don't talk about financial sickness. We do our best to save face and cry behind closed doors because it is stressful. It goes without saying that there is no price on my kids health. But bills don't get paid on just love. Money isn't everything, but anyone that has been in tight times will agree it sure does help. 

Families working extra jobs just to provide, instead of being able to provide memories, it shouldn't be that way. Statistics are showing that my generation is on the downward spiral. Our life span is shorter, and in more financial ruin than our parents and grandparents. And even more sickening is that it is showing worse for our kids.

Yesterday, for the first time ever I felt hope when faced with a medical bill for the amount of work Rylee needs for her teeth. 

Friends, hear my heart, this is in no way meant to boast or brag, because Lord knows we work hard, we give back, and we have bills to pay.. We finally got tired of being financially and physically sick. I want better for our generation. I want better for my kids. 

I was asked when I was going to go back and get a job again. I am not shy about this absolute blessing we have found. I didn't find a job. I found a passion in health and time freedom, and I am completely blessed to help others do the same every single day. If your friends have found a passion- ask them why- I bet they would be proud to tell you what drives them. And I would even venture a guess they have your best interests at heart too and it is what drives you too ?

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