Kyla shares | Happy Mind

My friend Kyla shares this… so beautiful… so heartfelt!:

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away… I often times found myself feeling incredibly sad, hopeless, surrounded by piles of used tissues, not wanting to eat (or wanting to numb my sorrows with gelato) and wishing I hadn't been born… Life felt like too much to handle – all while I tried to act like I was ok, of course – the shame of admitting how sad I felt would be un.thinkable…

And then, motivated by other reasons, I began to shift my gut bacteria, first through my diet, and then through supplements when that wasn't enough.

And all of a sudden I felt happier, and life felt more manageable and I felt like I got my life back. My foggy brain cleared, my energy increased, I felt happiness inside, and purpose.

It wouldn't be until almost 3 1/2 years after this that I was diagnosed with PTSD symptoms related to my history of religious trauma and began the now 10 months of somatic therapy, nervous system regulation, and integration of belief and mindset work from a trauma-informed place.

Sometimes it blows my mind that my depression lifted 3 1/2 years before this work. I had my up and down moments (obviously, hence the initiative to pursue therapy) but that deep, dark edge was GONE. And as I began and continue to address my trauma, feel the feelings, grieve the things, and do the messy process, I can't help but be grateful for my gut health tools. I can't imagine doing this with that darkness hovering over me, the part of the darkness caused by an imbalance in my gut bacteria – something so simple to shift and yet so impactful in my life and my family's life.

You've probably noticed that despite my passion for gut health I'm becoming more and more vocal about trauma work. I am SO passionate about healing from trauma, getting unstuck, and living free.

Trauma & gut bacteria have a special relationship I'll talk about more sometime, but as you can see from my story, my work will always include both. Healing always includes addressing the root cause – and gut health affects mental health in such a HUGE way. So that's my story…and if you're struggling with your mental health story and haven't yet tried what I'm using, I'd love to tell you more. ?”