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She traded one bag of medications for one bag of Plexus.

Marti Kathryn found Plexus products help her endometriosis symptoms and have allowed her to live life instead of wishing it away.

“I've had so many people ask me why I'm taking Plexus. ‘Your so skinny you don't need to lose weight.’ Well, Plexus is for so much more than weight loss. It's a whole health system! Just because you’re skinny doesn't mean you’re healthy! THIS IS MY 1 MONTH PLEXY-ANNIVERSARY!!!! Here's my story….

Last year was a whirl wind of health problems for me. In January I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told my ovaries were shrinking. A month later I was diagnosed with chronic duodenitis, severe inflammation in my lower intestines, horrible acid reflux, and a gluten allergy. I was placed on 2 acid reflux meds and another for the duodenitis. I was taking meds daily, literally every time I ate anything as small as a potato chip to a 5 course meal.

After one month I'm off all acid reflux meds, and I only take my stomach med twice a day with my GI doctors approval! They have even moved my yearly colonoscopy to next year! Plexus has been my life saver for my stomach issues!!! I can't speak fully on my progress battling endo, but I can say my pain levels are lower than ever before, and I'm not wishing life away laying in bed not wanting to move or doubling over at work. Best of all I'm not getting sick every time I eat!

My one regret with Plexus is not starting sooner!!!! You can dream your dreams or you can get up and chase 'em! Whatcha waiting for?!?!”