Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

Love this testimony!

Chris Helmer’s shares~

“Plexus can literally change your life, and it has absolutely changed mine! Trying to balance being a good father, husband, and police officer the past 11 years was not easy. Before Plexus, I was flooding my body with sugar, caffeine, and toxins from all of the soda, energy drinks, and fast food I was consuming. After years of living that way and trying to keep my energy up just to make it through my day…I still found myself tired, sluggish, and overweight!

Plexus was the game changer I desperately needed!!! Within a few month on the Plexus Tri-Plex I lost 34 lbs, stopped drinking soda and energy drinks, was sleeping great, and have never felt better!! I never looked back after that and I’ve been using Plexus for 2 years now and WON’T go a day without it! I’ve also gone down FOUR belt notches since I started!

To all of you out there struggling to get through the demands of your life….there is a better way!!!”

The Pink Drink isn't only for women. 

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