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I love Monique’s story! Check it out!!!!👇

“I'm a quitter…I'll admit it!

I quit hobbies, diets, workouts…I even quit Plexus. Yes, that's right. I quit the one thing that has completely changed my life. I didn't see immediate results, I felt worse before I felt better, I wasn’t consistent, and I quit.

It wasn't until I quit that I realized how much those products were actually working! How they were working hard on healing the INSIDE of my body first! I am so thankful I gave these all-natural products a second shot because I've not only gone from a size 18 to a size 10/12 (buh bye 60lbs💃), but my health has improved so much. My immunity is the strongest that it has ever been, and I feel better at 50 than I did in my thirties.🙌

None of this happened overnight! Let's be real, my body/your body DID NOT get unhealthy, overweight or sick overnight…it happened over time. Please stop expecting your body to be healed overnight. It takes time and CONSISTENCY!!! DO NOT QUIT…because even if you don't see it…IT IS working!!😊

Two years ago this month, I QUIT making EXCUSES, and I am so thankful that I did. 😍”