My Dream Board

Bringing Life to my Dreams

My biggest dream of all-time has been to be married to a man that really "gets" me, loves me for who I am, and works with me without complaint. This dream became a reality in July 2017 when I married Bob! love

If none of my material dreams are realized, I know that it is because the Lord has other plans for me. I am completely good with that because I know that His design is infinitely better than anything that I can dream of. But, that doesn't mean that I shouldn't dream! And, if I'm dreaming, I may as well dream big! wink

If you're not sure what a dream board is, I recommend reading: What is a Vision Board? and The Reason Vision Boards Work and How to Make One

This particular dream board is to remind me of the financial goals that I'm striving for in my Young Living business.

business expense

Cover business expenses
Image: Got Credit - Flickr

young living habit

Cover our Young Living habit

tithes and offerings

Cover tithes and offerings
Image: Share Faith

home downpayment

Down payment for our dream home (maybe not this one, but something similar)

indoor riding arena

Indoor riding arena

no more credit card debt

No more credit card debt!

flight lessons

Flight lessons for Bob
Cory W. Watts - Flickr