Patricia shares | Financial Freedom

Tricia Regar is now one of the fastest growing Emerald teams now and she said NO, NOT for me for months!

“When I started on the pink drink in October 2015, I was a young mom of 4, we were pretty much broke, and I was skeptical, thought supplements were a waste of time/money/you name it, and I was 100% planning to get my money back.

Within the first month, I was already seeing changes, and I was like…. I feel like I should continue.

At the time, we were desperately trying to find ways to earn money, so I was driving to thrift stores 3 times a week (with all the kids), filling the back of the Tahoe, and then fixing up the furniture starting at 4 AM in the morning, and often working till 10 PM at night. I homeschooled our kids in the garage so I could keep working.

We made $800 that month, and I think the “investment” that we spent on the drink was HOW I was able to make that $800. I wasn't tired, I wasn't crashing, I had steady energy all day long, and this was HUGE for me.

In March 2016, Matt was like, “Maybe I should try it too.” He starts on the pink drink and lost 2 pounds in the first 2 weeks. But more than that, he FELT BETTER.

March 31, 2016, I wrote to Clarita (my sponsor) asking how to get these supplements for the cheapest cost, and we “upgraded.”She and Shelly (our Diamond) knew a little bit of our financial situation (but not the extent of it), and a few times she was like “Tricia this would be such a blessing for your family if you worked the business a little bit!”

But nope. I was not even remotely interested. I made FUN of the business opportunity.

At the end of April, our life basically fell apart…. we were running out of money, Matt couldn't find a different job, his current employment was quickly coming to an awful end, and we were in debt. I was crying all the time. I'd look at our bank account and cry. I'd hear how much money we were making and I'd cry. It was a rough time.To give you guys an idea, we were a family of 6 and making an average of $750/month. We were anonymously given money, and my family helped us a lot. My mom and sister would offer to go grocery shopping for us and then throw in “gifts” so we would have extra food.

May 3, 2016, Matt says, “Tricia, we need to do this plexus business. We've already paid our $34.95, there's no more investment necessary, and we believe the products work.”

It's almost 2 years later, and I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, guys. These products have changed our health, but this business has changed our LIFE. We were able to get out of debt a few months ago, and for the first time in 9 years of marriage, money isn't something that we argue/stress over every single day. We will be able to actually save for our kids' futures…..

By the way…..

My phone call “NOT FOR ME” with Shelly and Clarita was beginning of April. I went “all in” less than 30 days later. Life circumstances change. ❤️”