Attitude of Gratitude

Peace That Passes Understanding

Not long ago, in my facebook travels, I came across a post that said something like… I don’t want peace that passes understanding, but rather the understanding that brings peace…. or maybe it was knowledge instead of understanding… either way, it was obvious to me that the individual had never experienced the peace that only God can give. We mortals have the understanding that disasters will come and we must deal with them; but, despite this understanding, inner turmoil will run rampant (to a greater or lesser extent depending on the person) until we turn to God asking for His help. It is then that we are given this peace that passes understanding. It passes understanding because there is no knowledge in the world or in ourselves that can account for the blanket of peace that envelopes you even during the deepest distresses of life. It may not make sense, but I know it to be true as I have experienced this peace. Have you? Philippians 4:7 attitude of gratitude