Kyla shares | Financial Freedom

Kyla shares: I cried when I saw this picture and post in my Facebook memories. 4 years ago I wrote:

“My happy self after seeing the amount of my first Plexus pay check that I will receive in a couple weeks…I love my job!”

4 years ago things were financially tight for us and it wasn't a good fit for my anxiety. I had this hope inside my heart that with this opportunity maybe I could do something to help our financial situation, without sacrificing our goal of me being a stay at home mom.

And just like that…it had happened – by recommending something that had changed my life, it happened. I didn't even hardly know the industry I was getting into, but I knew I could make money by others purchasing these products off my website. And I could do it without going anywhere!

My 1st paycheck from Plexus was about 3 times my initial investment – the amount I paid for my 1st 30 days of product and my annual fee for the business. Without doing anything crazy, having to go anywhere, or carry any inventory, or do any shipping, or hold any events. And the next month it almost doubled.

Now here I am…simply sharing on social media, still making a generous income – without having to go anywhere and changing lives while I'm at it  – by this time joined by a team of fellow #hopedealers.

This month I believe another someone will join me on this mission. Someone looking to make an income with the flexibility and impact I get to enjoy. If that's you, I can't wait to hear from you. It's not too good to be true. ?