Shared by Independent Plexus Ambassador, Diana Kelley

Eeeek!! Look at my friend Karen Irre Sargent! Isn't she looking good?! In her words: ?

Here are my results from adding our new MetaBurn to my regimen.

Two weeks taking 1 capsule a day, two weeks of 2 a day (because I always start new supplements slowly). No changes in my diet and I did my regular hiking 2-3 times a week. I planned to do planks every day, but maybe did them 3 days because #lifehappens. ?‍♀️

I love MetaBurn because while it’s boosting my metabolism, it’s also giving me adaptogens that help reduce stress in the body (physical, mental, & emotional), and since I’m dealing with post-concussion syndrome, I need all the help I can get! I definitely feel the difference in mental clarity if I forget to take it.

**I take MetaBurn in addition to TriPlex and XFactor Plus multivitamin. I have no idea if it would produce results like this on its own, since everyone I know who takes it also takes the combination I take. As always, #ymmv.

In other words, this is not a magic pill. It’s just one more tool I can use to be the healthiest I can be. And with all I’m trying to do in life (wife/mom/Grammy, editor, business owner, farmer, hiker, and now puppy mom ??), I love having clean, plant-based help I can feel good about putting in my body!

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